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Pianist:    Marti Gibson

​​​Music Director:   Angela Keith

Angela is no stranger to music ministry, and has been singing the old favorites since her childhood.  Angela emanates the joy of the Holy Spirit in her ministry with a happy and enthusiastic personality that is contagious.  Angela and her husband, Bart have three children, Emily, Anna and Will; all of which are now married. They have four grandchildren, Warren, Roland, Samuel and Caroline.

Associate Pastor:   Joel A. Sathe

Joel is a graduate of the College at Southeastern and has nearly two years pastoral ministry experience.  He has returned to Wake Forest to pursue his Master of Divinity degree at Southeastern Seminary.  Joel combines a great aptitude and passion for sharing biblical truth along with an amicable spirit.  Joel's education and experience are reinforced with a family legacy of ministry as he grew up in the home of a Baptist pastor.

Marti is a very experienced pianist with loads of "keyboard personality."  She adds a happiness and joy to our singing while maintaining a worshipful tone.  Marti retired from  the City of Raleigh in 2018 and has two adult sons, Daniel and Zane, both are married.  Marti's husband, Randy, went home to be with the Lord in 2012.

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